Translation Azbuka Language Service provides accurate certified translations of any material in any area between English and almost any other language. We could also handle some other language combinations, eg. Spanish-German, Japanese-Russian, etc. We also provide tour guiding services in Russian and Spanish in Cairns and the region (these services are going to expand). Please enquire.


If requested by the client, Azbuka Language Service can provide you with editing/checking services. One of our qualified translators will review the translated document thoroughly, comparing it to the original. If you have doubts about your translated material or just want an additional quality assurance, it will be cheaper to double-check the document rather than be left in doubt and, perhaps, lose some profit. It is an extra guarantee of the translation quality, and is practiced by many companies and organisations in the world, including the United Nations system.

Individual approach

We treat each customer individually, providing you with customised solutions to all of your translation needs.

But what really makes us stand out is our ability to deliver on time and get it right the first time!

Our accredited linguists can translate business documents, government booklets, private correspondence, websites, technical manuals, and complex legal, medical, scientific and technological texts.

Training in translation and interpreting (T&I)

We could organise courses or workshops to train those who aspire to become T&I practitioners. We will discuss such topics as theory and practice of T&I, translation and interpreting techniques, code of ethics, employment opportunities in Australia and overseas. We have teaching experience in this field in universities, language schools and centres. We could organise courses for beginners, and also at the intermediate and advanced levels of translation and interpreting. We also conduct assessment of a person’s language proficiency and general language skills.

We could travel around Australia to deliver such training and assessment.

Would you like to know how to become a qualified linguist? Contact us for more information.

M: 0458 240 933

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