Translation in Australia

At Azbuka Language Service, we have over 30 years of professional experience in the field of languages, in particular translation and interpreting, and tour guiding in different languages. The language specialists whose services we use include top level NAATI accredited practitioners, and experienced tour guides. The work our translators and interpreters have done includes translation and interpreting for Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers of various countries. As for tour guiding, we have organised and conducted tours for prominent politicians, academics, journalists, and business people.

However, we consider equally important translation and interpreting work for the community in general. As for tour guiding, we consider it equally important to work for people of all walks of life. We are a communication bridge for our clients who would otherwise be unable to understand each other properly due to language barriers. And in tourism we help people understand the culture and life of Australia and Australians, and enjoy their travel experience in different locations.

Our head office is located in the city of Cairns, in the tropical north of Australia. It is a beautiful, modern and vibrant city which has a university, a TAFE college, various language and business schools and centres, theatres, art centres, a Chamber of Commerce, and some leading companies. It also hosts national and international conferences and other important events all year round. We have associates in all Australian states and territories.

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In the section FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) you will find, in particular, an explanation of the terms relating to translation and interpreting.

In the section Links we provide web addresses of some of the leading organisations in the area of translation and interpreting.

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Our Azbuka team comprises people from different states of Australia, and many have a multicultural background. We also involve highly qualified professionals from overseas if need be. We do hope to be useful to you in a variety of aspects. Please explore our site, ask us questions, and come to visit us again. You are our VIP customer.

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